Purposeful Reading

Reading is like any other activity; the more you know what you want to get out of it, the more benefit you’ll derive.  Too often, though, we simply crack open a book and turn to page one without a thought about the process. That can lead to missed information; confusion about characters, plot, or informational … Continue reading “Purposeful Reading”

How Journalists Can Strengthen Teacher-Oriented Reporting

There’s no question that journalists can influence public perception by what they report and how they report it. Public Agenda, a democracy-focused research and action organization wanted to understand how journalists have portrayed teachers over the years and if those portrayals have changed. To accomplish this, they analyzed a random sample of over 2,300 news … Continue reading “How Journalists Can Strengthen Teacher-Oriented Reporting”

Guest Blog: Changes in the Education Industry in 2022

The education industry has experienced some significant changes in 2022. These changes are likely to have a bearing on many aspects of our lives, including job opportunities and career growth. Schools are essential infrastructure for communities, and the approach to schooling has been altered. Courses such as General Assembly can help you learn how the … Continue reading “Guest Blog: Changes in the Education Industry in 2022”