AceReader in the Educational Environment

In some ways, reading education has not changed much over the past hundred years or so – teachers still confront the issues of how to instruct students effectively in the basic issues of learning phonemic awareness, decoding text, mastering understanding of text material (comprehension), and achieving reading fluency. What has changed is our understanding of … Continue reading “AceReader in the Educational Environment”

Books and Movie Adaptations – What Does it Take to Get it Right?

What was the latest book you’ve watched? It seems today, more than ever, Hollywood studios are turning stories, comics, and best-selling books into what they hope will be blockbuster movies. Not all books, though, are conducive to becoming movies, and, even if they are, not all adaptations turn out well. What needs to happen to … Continue reading “Books and Movie Adaptations – What Does it Take to Get it Right?”

How to Track Student Progress

Better Readers Make Better Learners Today’s AceReader Tip: How to Track Students’ Progress A great goal is to get students through two course levels in a semester. At that point, students will have completed enough of the reading improvement activities to show good progress, and you will have enough data to complete a realistic analysis. As … Continue reading “How to Track Student Progress”

AceReader and the Assessment Process

Now that the school year is coming to a close, both teachers and students may wonder how AceReader’s Assessment tests can help determine the amount students have improved in their reading fluency skills over the past academic semester or year, as well as how they demonstrate the program’s effectiveness for reading instruction. When working through … Continue reading “AceReader and the Assessment Process”