eLearning and Knowledge Acquisition

eLearning, while once a limited force in education, has moved into the mainstream, and is poised to become a leading part the future, in large part because of the necessity of remote instruction during the pandemic. Students are also becoming more immersed in the online environment outside of the classroom, with increasing social media outlets, … Continue reading “eLearning and Knowledge Acquisition”

Lessons Learned from Pandemic Instruction

We’ve learned a lot about education during the past year, with teachers and students both needing to adapt to remote platforms and distanced learning strategies. We may have discovered all these things eventually, but teaching in the time of a pandemic has pushed them front and center now. From socialization to learning loss, the lessons … Continue reading “Lessons Learned from Pandemic Instruction”

Will Continued Remote Learning Create a Separate and Unequal School System?

As vaccines become more available and the coronavirus pandemic comes more under control, many school systems are offering in-person instruction for the first time in over a year. Many others, though, are either remaining with an all-remote option or a hybrid version, with some students sitting in classrooms and others logging in from their homes. … Continue reading “Will Continued Remote Learning Create a Separate and Unequal School System?”