Happy Thanksgiving 2022

As the AceReader staff pauses to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday this week, we want all our readers to know how grateful we are for your support and your comments. Have an idea for a blog topic you’d like to see or one you’ve already written? Send a query to miriam@acereader.com. Our “A History of Education” … Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving 2022”

How to Identify False (or mis) Information

There’s nothing new about fake news or misdirecting readers with half-truths or outright lies. Ever since people learned they could achieve their ends with misinformation, they’ve been using it. And for many of us, the preeminent fact-checker site Snopes.com is a regular stop on our daily clickfest. How do you wade through the muck, though, … Continue reading “How to Identify False (or mis) Information”

Guest Blog: How Learning to Code Helps Students Develop Essential Skills

Since the rise and proliferation of the internet in the late 1990s, coding has become an increasingly vital skill in the workplace. While coding may not be the most obvious choice for young learners, it is, in fact, a great subject to study, even for students as young as 5-10 years old. Beyond the obvious … Continue reading “Guest Blog: How Learning to Code Helps Students Develop Essential Skills”

Parents and Teachers: Bridging the Communication Gap

For students who learn or think differently, having a strong support network is critical to success. And that network should include both teachers and parents. Unfortunately, there’s always been a certain amount of difficulty bridging the communication gap between the two groups, but it certainly got worse during the remote learning of the pandemic, leaving … Continue reading “Parents and Teachers: Bridging the Communication Gap”

Does Increasing Reading Speed Decrease Comprehension?

If you ask someone if they want to increase their reading speed, the answer is usually yes, but they don’t end up trying because they’re afraid of losing comprehension in the process. Do you really lose comprehension, or is this just a myth? The answer is a bit of both. Increasing speed is, like learning … Continue reading “Does Increasing Reading Speed Decrease Comprehension?”

Purposeful Reading

Reading is like any other activity; the more you know what you want to get out of it, the more benefit you’ll derive.  Too often, though, we simply crack open a book and turn to page one without a thought about the process. That can lead to missed information; confusion about characters, plot, or informational … Continue reading “Purposeful Reading”

How Journalists Can Strengthen Teacher-Oriented Reporting

There’s no question that journalists can influence public perception by what they report and how they report it. Public Agenda, a democracy-focused research and action organization wanted to understand how journalists have portrayed teachers over the years and if those portrayals have changed. To accomplish this, they analyzed a random sample of over 2,300 news … Continue reading “How Journalists Can Strengthen Teacher-Oriented Reporting”

Home Is Where Children’s Reading Skills Start to Develop

The On Track study performed at the Norwegian Reading Centre at the University of Stavanger found a strong connection between a child’s home reading environment from the time they’re very young and the progress that child makes in learning to read and learning to read better when they’re in school.[1] Study researcher Vibeke Bergersen indicated … Continue reading “Home Is Where Children’s Reading Skills Start to Develop”

Happy Holidays

To all our readers, from the entire AceReader team, happy holidays! May your coming year be filled with joy, health, and lots of reading.