Graphic Novels and Other Resources for Stuck-at-Home Kids

In our blog on graphic novels and comics, we discussed how visual input can reinforce characters and themes, especially for those who struggle through rigorous text.

Now that we’re all practicing social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the schools and libraries are closed, it’s even more important to match students with reading material that both engages and challenges them.

In the March 23, 2020 Washington Post, writer/critic Michael Cavna explored six graphic novel titles that are particularly apt for our current situation. The first is a young adult title from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), called “The Junior Disease Detectives — Operation: Outbreak.” It illuminates the science of immunology in terms students can readily understand and apply to our current lives. The other titles speak, in varying degrees, to feelings of isolation and disorientation or seek to fill the void of an activity missed, such as the March Madness basketball tournament. All are designed to inform, entertain, and distract. You can find all the titles, with descriptions and links to where you can obtain them, here.

Nexstar Broadcasting and WKBN staff put out their own resource for stuck-at-home kids on March 25, called “Free educational resources for kids stuck at home during COVID-19.” It’s broken down into three sections: Interactive Learning, Learning Resources, and Virtual Tours. Most of the links appear geared toward the elementary grades, but there may be a few gems in there that older students would want to check out. The Tours, especially, seem more inclusive, ranging from trips to Disneyland to the National Aquarium to the National Women’s History Museum. You can access the links here.

What have you found helpful, useful, and/or distracting for your school-aged kids? Please let us know in the comments below so we can share them with other readers.


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