Does Spacing after a Period Affect Reading Speed and Comprehension?

Ever since there has been typesetting and printed text, there has been a debate about spacing, particularly about the spacing after a period – should there be one space or two? The first printers used two space sizes. A regular space was used for separating words, and a slightly larger space (called the emspace) was … Continue reading “Does Spacing after a Period Affect Reading Speed and Comprehension?”

AceReader Book Review – The “Humphrey” Series

Up today are a series of books recommended by the Montgomery County (MD) Public Library System. The series is broken in to two parts. The first part is known as the “Humphrey’s Tiny Tales” books; these are recommended for second graders or low-reading third graders. The second part is the “Humphrey Adventures” books; these are … Continue reading “AceReader Book Review – The “Humphrey” Series”