Study Skills Part 3 – Time Management

Time management is not only a skill that’s important while you’re attending school, but it’s one that carries over in to every aspect of your life. Every day we face an array of schedules, meetings, deadlines, household chores, and a whole host of other events we need to contend with; if we don’t plan our … Continue reading “Study Skills Part 3 – Time Management”

AceReader in the Educational Environment

In some ways, reading education has not changed much over the past hundred years or so – teachers still confront the issues of how to instruct students effectively in the basic issues of learning phonemic awareness, decoding text, mastering understanding of text material (comprehension), and achieving reading fluency. What has changed is our understanding of … Continue reading “AceReader in the Educational Environment”

Poverty and the Educational Process – Part 1: Health and Nutrition

[Editor’s note: This is part one of a four-part series on poverty and the educational process. Links to the previous blog posts will be included in each succeeding part.] In 2015, approximately about 20 percent of children under the age of 18 (about 14.7 million) came from families living in poverty, and 10 percent lived … Continue reading “Poverty and the Educational Process – Part 1: Health and Nutrition”