Parrots Can Speak, but Can They Read?

Jennifer Cuhna is a lawyer with a bachelor’s degree in psychology; she also served as a research assistant at the University of Florida in a behavioral neuroscience laboratory and spent many years teaching inner-city kids how to read. Those experiences gave her both the inquisitiveness and the expertise to work on a rather unconventional study … Continue reading “Parrots Can Speak, but Can They Read?”

Understanding Dyslexia – Part 1

[Editor’s Note: This is the first in a four-part series on dyslexia, its origins, manifestations, and interventions.] Most people think that dyslexia is simply reversing letters or numbers; it is much more than that. Dyslexia is primarily associated with difficulty reading; leading some doctors, specialists, and educators to refer to it as a “reading disorder” … Continue reading “Understanding Dyslexia – Part 1”