Does Increasing Reading Speed Decrease Comprehension?

If you ask someone if they want to increase their reading speed, the answer is usually yes, but they don’t end up trying because they’re afraid of losing comprehension in the process. Do you really lose comprehension, or is this just a myth? The answer is a bit of both. Increasing speed is, like learning … Continue reading “Does Increasing Reading Speed Decrease Comprehension?”

Guest Blog: Kidus Yared, 10th-Grade Student, on the AceReader Program

[Editor’s note: This is the fourth in an occasional series of guest blogs from a variety of AceReader users.] I’m currently in the 10th grade at Richard Montgomery High School, and I’ve been using the AceReader program on-and-off since I was about eight or nine years old. Reading has been a part of my life … Continue reading “Guest Blog: Kidus Yared, 10th-Grade Student, on the AceReader Program”

Targeting the Young to Promote Adult Literacy

As part of the Development Lexicon Project study, scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin are currently studying how words are read by people ranging from first-graders to seventy-year-olds. The researchers are focusing on three different characteristics of a word: its length, its frequency of use within the language, and its … Continue reading “Targeting the Young to Promote Adult Literacy”