How to Challenge Students Effectively

While there is a great deal in the literature about helping struggling students and providing interventions for everything from physical to learning disabilities, there is relatively little on the topic of engaging students effectively. But what does engagement mean? Does it mean simply keeping the students awake enough in the classroom to absorb some of … Continue reading “How to Challenge Students Effectively”

Research Studies – Effective Studying and Reading Strategies

2017 was a year filled with interesting and informative educational research. Two areas of particular interest are in the creation of both effective studying and effective reading strategies to assist students in the learning process. When asked about an upcoming test, students often overestimate how prepared they really are, and they frequently study less for … Continue reading “Research Studies – Effective Studying and Reading Strategies”

Can You Read Poetry Efficiently?

When people are learning how to become more efficient and effective readers, the subject of poetry often comes up. For most people, poetry seems a laborious read, one filled with hard-to-pronounce words, complex themes, and structures that appear to embrace subvocalization rather than eschew it. In truth, can you read these works efficiently? The answer … Continue reading “Can You Read Poetry Efficiently?”

What You Read to Children is as Important as Reading Itself

We’ve discussed numerous times on this blog how important it is to read to and with children of all ages. A recent study, originally published on and printed in today’s edition of The Washington Post‘s Health and Science section, discusses the idea that the content of what you read, even to children only six-months … Continue reading “What You Read to Children is as Important as Reading Itself”

Happy Holidays

From all of us here at AceReader, we would like to wish our readers a happy and healthy holiday season and remind you that Christmas break is a great time to go visit your local library. Looking for a good book to read? How about this one, good for both young and old: What is … Continue reading “Happy Holidays”

Mindfulness and Reading

Mindfulness is a state of being where you are present only in the moment, no matter what you’re doing. It’s similar to meditation in that you notice and focus on your breathing, but it also encompasses much more. If you’re on a walk, you might take notice of the sound your feet make on the … Continue reading “Mindfulness and Reading”

Setting up a Classroom to Establish Critical Thinking

As we have discussed previously (click here for the blog post), critical thinking is an essential component of both reasoning through problems and situations and learning. However, as instructor Peter Liljedahl found, teachers often make the assumption that the students either cannot or will not think on their own. Under such conditions it becomes unreasonable … Continue reading “Setting up a Classroom to Establish Critical Thinking”

Technology Integration in the Classroom

Today computers, pads, cell phones, and other electronic devices are becoming a ubiquitous part of the classroom. “Technology Integration” has become the new buzz-phrase, and many teachers are relying more on these devices to help deliver content to students of all ages. But what exactly does “technology integration” mean, and are all these digital gadgets … Continue reading “Technology Integration in the Classroom”

AceReader Tips – Our Newsletter

Better Readers Make Better Learners AceReader Now Has a Newsletter! AceReader, Inc. will now be sending out a periodic newsletter to share helpful tips, product updates, and exciting results from our customers in addition to the information we share on this blog. Today’s AceReader Tip: How to Track Students’ Progress A great goal is to get … Continue reading “AceReader Tips – Our Newsletter”

Happy Thanksgiving from AceReader

We, the AceReader blog staff, are taking a week off to prepare for the holiday with our families. We wish you, our readers, a very happy Thanksgiving, filled with good food, great company, and a fantastic selection of books to read this holiday weekend. We’ll have a brand new post for you next Tuesday.